Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Many people consider dental implants to be one of the greatest advancement in dentistry since the high-speed drill. Their versatility allows for replacement of a single tooth, multiple teeth or support for removable dentures. Based on the tremendous, enthusiastic feedback we receive from our dental implant patients, we tend to agree. However, dental implants are not for everybody. Considerations include the health and quality of available jaw bone, the health of the gum tissue, the health of the patient and their existing teeth, to name a few.

People who are dental implant candidates, especially people who had traditional dentures, are extremely pleased with the added security and increased stability they attain along with the convenience of no longer needing denture adhesives. Also, implant supported dentures offer the ability to speak more clearly and the ability to eat a wider variety of foods. In fact, we believe so strongly in the benefits of dental implants for those who qualify that we make it easy and convenient for you to find out if they can help you!

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